Our Philosophy

We understand that pregnancy and childbirth are some of life's most pivotal experiences. 
We believe that:
  •   Birth is a normal life process and pregnancy is not an illness.
  •   That the experience of pregnancy and childbirth is a profound emotional, spiritual, and physical experience which has significant    meaning to the mother, her family, and her community.  
  •   The care a woman receives during her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum has a lifelong impact.  
  •   Continuity of personalized, individualized healthcare is one of the most important advantages of midwifery care.
  •   The birth process works best when unnecessary intervention is avoided.
  •   Midwifery care is a partnership between a woman and her care provider.
  •   It is every woman’s right and responsibility to educate herself regarding all aspects of her healthcare. She is the primary decision    maker regarding her care.
We welcome and value all people. As healthcare professionals, we do not discriminate based upon race, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender expression.